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Dear Cowgirl Shoutout

I finally have a copy of Dear Cowgirl (thanks to the person who gifted it to me). Let me 1st say how proud I am of Adrian. I've watched her grow the last decade from a bronc ridin', National anthem singin' young girl to a passionate, life changing woman. I am so so proud of you sweet girl! I love you big. Thank you for the years of support, friendship, and encouragement.

A few years ago, with the encouragement of my then better half, decided to write my story as part of a bigger book. A collection of stories from women who were warriors, champions. While he didn't cause any of the trauma I had experienced in my life, he wholeheartedly supported me though writing about it. I explained that I would be sharing things that were highly sensitive and private and I couldn't write it if he couldn't handle it. His words were, you have a story that needs to be told.

It took one person though to cause me to close the notebook and not write. One person I didn't even really know to feel shame and embarrassment. I put the pen away and the project.

Thank you Adrian for your vulnerability, your courage, your heart, and your transparency. I have picked up the pen again and hope to be finished this time next year. Not only am I working on this very personal project, I've been writing another book (which is very near and dear) titled, Mountain of Gold.

Don't ever shrink yourself because of what people think. You have a purpose and a place on this earth.



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