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Hat Etiquette

From our friends at Matador Ranch:

Hat Etiquette

Do you know the proper hat etiquette? Our employees at the Matador Ranch do.

The popularity and function of headwear in society has changed significantly over time, and consequently, so has hat etiquette. Please refer to the guidelines below to better understand proper hat-wearing behavior.

Men Can Leave Hats On When:

•They are outside

•At an athletic event, indoors or out

•In public buildings like post offices, airports, or hotels

•On public transportation

•In elevators

Men Should Take Off Hats When:

•They are sitting down to eat a meal

•In a house of worship unless required by religion

•Public buildings like schools, town halls, and libraries

•When the National Anthem is playing

•In restaurants and cafes


We'd like to add:

• Removing or tipping hat when greeting a lady or elder

•At the dinner table

(And being from west Texas, I truly appreciate when a man takes off his hat while dancing.)

What are your thoughts?

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