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Flying SR Custom Works: 
A Family Affair

Custom accessories, including wild rag slides, wild rags, jewelry, and more! While our products started at the kitchen table one day in a small Texas Hill Country town, the Flying SR brand was born out of the story of a lifetime - a real modern day Lonesome Dove kinda tale. One of faith, family, grit. Now, it stands as a symbol of change, chispa, and that at no time does God work in mysterious ways (at least in our lives!). Flying SR embodies everything that makes the Cowboy great - determination, character, compassion, faith, hard work, a sense of humor, integrity and well, let's admit it - punchy with a side of flair!


You'll find that while the faces behind the brand are women, there isn't anything dainty about these two. There isn't anywhere they haven't been, anything they haven't done. With their experience and background in agriculture, rodeo, the western lifestyle, and their desire to keep the west wild, you can bet Flying SR Custom Works will become a household name. 

We buy all our fabric locally, hand-pick it ourselves, and we do not buy in bulk (for a reason). Our custom and limited edition wild-rags are printed in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and sewn in Texas. We want your wild rag to be as unique as you are. So, when you purchase a rag, there are a limited number of the same print! That also means that our inventory is always changing, so check back often.

Image of Michelle Farley, Owner
Michelle Farley
aka "RED" 
Image of Annie Irwin
Annie Irwin
aka "The BG"
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