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God's Love Never Changes

It's been a while since I've shared here - so I am making an effort in 2024 to do better!

As I was sitting down yesterday morning to start my tasks at hand, I was visiting with my big sissy and reading my devotional. I told her that my devotional hit right where it hurts.

God had me standing still before I even got through the second sentence. What I received from this devotional was....

When we feel the most happy and steady in God's promises, fully trusting, fully believing and fully rooted in His love has a DIRECT correlation to our connection to Him, our time spent with Him and His word.

When we're deeply rooted, we feel strong, joyful, and purposeful! What better gifts can we all for? Who wouldn't want that every day?

And then the gentle reminder jumped off the page: God's love for you NEVER changes. Wow. Just sit in that for a little while and "may you seek God throughout your day, and may you be sweetly surprised by the joy, peace, and well-being that fills your heart and soul."

Big love,


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